Business Taxpayer Checklist

“Maximize Your Business Tax Return with BB Financial Services – Ensure You Have Everything You Need to File Accurately with Our Business Taxpayer Client Checklist.”

  • I. Business Information

    • Business name and address
    • Business phone number
    • Business email address
    • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    • State tax ID number
    • Business bank account information

    II. Expenses

    • Rent or lease payments
    • Utility bills
    • Advertising expenses
    • Business travel expenses
    • Office supplies expenses
    • Equipment and machinery expenses
    • Insurance premiums
    • Legal and professional fees
  • III. Accounting Records

    • Income statements (profit and loss statements)
    • Balance sheets
    • General ledger
    • Accounts payable and receivable
    • Bank statements
    • Credit card statements
    • Loan documents
    • Sales records
    • Inventory records
    • Depreciation schedules
    • Employee records (payroll, benefits, etc.)

    IV. Other

    • Business licenses and permits
    • Business contracts and agreements
    • Partnership agreements or operating agreements
    • Any other relevant documents related to the business

Note: This checklist is not exhaustive and may vary depending on the specific needs of the business.

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“Maximize your deductions and minimize your stress. Get organized with our business tax prep checklist.”

-LaRhonda Hampton